Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

an approach

Vanishing mosque was designed by RUX Design for a competition hosted by Traffic Gallery who will commission and build in Dubai. 
it captures the essence of  the vanishing point .. the infiniteness of God  and emphasizes the direction of the Kaaba. 

It raised a few question and exclamation marks around  the topics of climate, and how the first row behind the Imam should be the longest .. and hierarchy towards infinity .. and how ablution water cant be reused .. and so on .. 

I think its a great approach to update the look of mosques in Dubai where almost every mosque looks like the other.. its an amazing design that support its concept very much that some fundamental principles were perhaps forgotten .. 

Maybe some amendments can be done to solve those issues .. but i would really love to see it happen .. 

via Dezeen

Friday, July 2, 2010


summer steps

go minimal when it comes to make-up this summer .. give yourself a break lol 
plus the no-makeup makeup is so in at the moment

Vera Wang
Stella mcCartney
Jil Sander

so here's what i lather on

1- multivitamin base

2 - tinted moisturizer

3- easy on the wands

4- a sheer glaze chanel's "laser"

5. some summer scent comme